4pcs/lot High Quality Neoprene Camera Lens Pouch Set Thick Protective Soft Pouches Bag Case for Canon Nikon Sony

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Product description:

  • This 4-pack includes all 4 sizes of S, M, L, XL the Neoprene Lens Pouches. 
  • Prime quality lens pouches on the market.
  • Lens pouches with super soft interior lining, 5mm extra thick padded bottom.


1.Thick pliable neoprene body protects your lens from moisture, sand, dust, dirt, and accidental impact.

2.Soft faux fur lining for a unique style, and protection against scratches.

3.Strong drawstring pull tab keeps your lens from shifting out, and makes accessing your gear fast and easy.

4.Reinforced belt loop and snap and swivel clip provides a convenient and secure way to transport your gear outside of your case.



- S: 3.14" x 4" (w x h)

- M: 4" x 5.5" (w x h)

- L: 4" x 8.07" (w x h)

- XL: 4" x 9.4" (w x h)



For Canon Nikon Sony DSLR Lens


Package List:

Lens Pouches sizes S  x1

Lens Pouches sizes M  x1

Lens Pouches sizes L  x1

Lens Pouches sizes XL x1

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